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Dear Carolina Hurricanes,

Next time, can you please make sure to step off the plane?  Because the guys that I saw on the ice tonight were not the same group of guys that I watched beat some of the best teams in the Eastern Conference.

For some reason there was no traffic in front of the opposing goalie whatsoever, yet Edmonton always seemed to have two guys waiting for the puck on the doorstep.

Erik Cole was a welcome addition to the lineup, but he just didn't seem to click.  It's definitely because he hadn't played in so long, but he did look better than the majority of the guys on the ice.

And what's with all the stupid penalties?  Too many men on the ice, not once, but twice?  Unacceptable.

When we're on the PK, let's challenge the offense a little bit.  How's that sound?

Deeply concerned,
A loyal fan
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