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Jimmy V Hurricanes Story

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So Jimmy V was pretty fun, everything was actually really great aside from the morning heat and all that damn trekking through ten billion miles of golf course. And boy did nichole and I trek! I doubt there was a hole or walk way anywhere in "the joint" (haha) that we didnt hit! haha we were completly lost for the first 15 minutes walking around trying to find "Batesey"..

We started out on hole three with Bates Battaglia who is soooo hot by the way! I mean damn homie, I wanted to tap it right there on the course! Watching him golf was tres fun too bc well.. he couldn't. He kept hitting his ball into the woods or like only hitting it four feet haha. See thats what you get Batsey for wearing flip flops while golfing! Nichole and I got pictures and autographs and he was so nice! I hope he settles down here and opens his restaurant... orrrr plays with the 'canes again, BBC LINE REUNION!! woot woot

We walked around a bit and found Glen Wesley (who we talked to, no pics, good golfer) We just stayed at the whole and then Kevyn Adams came and he was sooo nice and sooo adorable! He grew his hair out so he had cute blonde curls poking out of the bottom of his hat. He was a very good golfer and was super adorable. Hell I'm just excited I got to touch his back... jesus I love his back..oooh daddy...

After Kevyn left Jesse Boulerice came and he too was wearing flip flops, the only thing was he was actually able to hit well. He apparently "forgot" his shoes.. He also grew his hair out so he had little curls too. I was nervous about meeting him bc of the whole fiasco last year, but thank god he forgot who Nichole and I were and smiled and took pics with us.

Jeff Daniels, always a pleasure.

We booked it over to "The Highlands" and met my baby daddy aka Erik Cole who was w o n d e r f u l as usual :) He was super late to the hole bc everyone was prowling around that area looking for him and he kept stopping to sign things for kids.. god I love him! Haha then we haaaaaaauleeed ass over the whole grounds to find Jeff O'Neill who as per usual had a beer in his golf cart (haha typical) awww his little bucket hat.. But yea we followed him over to a hole that was completly devoid of fans and got pictures and all that jazz.

Damnit Tripp Tracy where the hell were you today!! We looked and we looked and we couldnt find you anywhere!!

So fun day, fun day. Must do it again sometime except with pants, and water bottles, and a golfcart full of naked/half naked Hurricanes... oooh that does sound like fun! Can't wait for next year!

Anyone else have a fun Jimmy V story?

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